Op-Ed: Single-Family Building, Remodeling Permits on Rise in NKY


The following is from Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky Executive Vice President Brian Miller 

After taking a breath in March, single-family residential building permits surged into the second quarter of 2020. The same can be said for residential remodeling. Early on during the onset of the pandemic, remodeling stalled as those with preexisting conditions and elder members of their family living at home pushed off projects. The industry realigned, rescheduled and moved projects that didn’t have those concerns into the work schedule as the industry quickly adapted to the current situations.

We are concerned about the near future for commercial and industrial projects as over sixty percent of the commercial investment in our market is directly tied to the Amazon International Hub project. If the Amazon Hub projects were not occurring, we would have seen a decline of about a third of what we have experienced in that sector of our construction industry. By factoring in the Amazon projects, we have seen an increase of over $266 million year over year. The fact that our commercial/industrial construction sector is becoming centralized around one operation is cause for concern. Time will tell as disruptions wit retail and the hospitality industry continue.

We are confident that like most recessions, the construction industry will once again lead us out and is showing strong signs of doing just that one month into the pandemic shutdowns. Nationwide construction firms are hiring and adding hundreds of thousands of employees to payrolls.

For those industries hardest hit like hospitality, transportation, and entertainment, now is an important time to investigate careers in the construction industry. While others were sheltered at home, our industry was busy building homes, businesses, and commercial and industrial buildings.

Deemed an essential service, the professionals in our industry complied with protocols and to this date have seen extremely low levels of exposure to the virus. The men and women in our industry have been working and increasing their hours and compensation during a time of downturn for service sector-based jobs. 

We would encourage anyone that needs a career that pays somewhere between $40,000 to north of $60,000 per year to contact us at our Enzweiler Building Institute.  Courses begin for adults in early September in the evenings so you can work during the day and begin on your career with no college debt.


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