Our faculty

The Enzweiler Building Institute is staffed by awesome instructors who are all licensed, certified, and/or seasoned professionals in their field. Like our students, our instructors work full-time at their craft. This enables them to relate and communicate with our students about real workplace issues while teaching the content needed for success in the field.

Carpentry Program Instructors

Butch Lenarsich

Messer Construction (Retired), High School Introduction to the Skilled Trades

Butch worked at Messer Construction for 47 years prior to his retirement in December 2020. He began as a laborer and worked up to a district supervisor. Over the years, he was involved in the construction of many of the most iconic buildings in Greater Cincinnati. In addition to teaching, he now keeps busy with his rental properties, hiking, and woodworking, and is currently learning how to play the guitar.

Brandon Lewis

Radial Construction, Carpentry 1

Brandon is a graduate of the carpentry program at EBI and is in his first year as the lead teacher for the carpentry program. He is a supervisor for Radial Construction.

Christian Dickerson

Radial Construction, Carpentry 1 Assistant

Christian works with Brandon Lewis at Radial and jumped at the opportunity to become an assistant in the Carpentry 1 class. 

Electric Program Instructors

Lee Wilson, Jr.

E-Corp Electric, Electric 1

Lee (Junior) is an Enzweiler graduate and in his first year as an instructor in the program. Lee works in his family’s electrical contracting firm, E-Corp, where he enjoys supervising the newer electric helpers. He recently passed the KY Master Electrician examination. 

Hank Sellmeyer

OKI Furniture, Electric4

Hank is master electrician and an electric contractor in the state of Kentucky. He is currently the construction foreman for OKI Furniture.  He is a Navy veteran and a graduate of the first electric class at EBI. He returned to teaching in 2019-20 by popular demand after having previously taught here for several years.

Geof Ball

Sanitation District 1, Electric 2

Geof is the Eastern Region Plant Administrator for Sanitation District 1 (SD1) in Northern Kentucky. He moved to SD1 as an electrician in 2016 after spending 16 years as an electrician at ARC Electric. Geof has taught in the EBI Electric Program for many years. He is a master electrician in the state of Kentucky.

Edgar McClanahan

KW Mechanical, electric 3

Edgar started his teaching career in the Electric 1 classroom and now teaches Electric 3. He is committed to helping the next generation of electricians transition into the career field he has known and loved for more than 25 years. He has been an electric foreman for many years with a variety of companies and holds a masters electrician license in Kentucky. 

Facilities Maintenance & Remodeling Instructor

Gary Whittle

BRG Apartments

Gary graduated from the carpentry program at EBI in 2014 and has been working in the field of facilities maintenance for his entire career. His currently leads the construction service, maintenance, and remodeling team for BRG Apartments. Gary teaches a variety of courses related to maintenance through the National Apartment Association, where he holds the CAMT certification in maintenance.  In addition to teaching Facilities Maintenance at EBI, Gary also works with the carpentry instructors to help teach Carpentry I.

HVAC Program Instructors

Kevin Miles

HVAC Instructor, HVAC-1

Kevin is an experienced instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience. He came to teaching after spending 35 years in the HVAC/R, construction and electrical trades. He holds a long list of credentials that make him an awesome and entertaining instructor.

Dennis Janson

KLH Engineers, HVAC-2

Dennis began his career as an HVAC installer at Tom Rechtin Heating and moved up to a division manager over his 32 year career there. He also worked as a controls engineer at the Habegger Corporation before taking his current position as commission agent at KLH Engineers. He is a frequent trainer in the HVAC industry.

Masonry Program Instructor

Ralph Risch

Risch Masonry

Ralph is a graduate of the Masonry Program at EBI. He worked for Krallman Masonry and Ollier Masonry for four years before opening is own masonry company in 2019. He holds an associate degree in business administration from Northern Kentucky University. 

Plumbing Program Instructor

Kevin Bond

Trademark Plumbing, Plumbing 1 & 2

Kevin is a licensed Master plumber in Kentucky with an extensive background in plumbing. He is the owner of Trademark Plumbing. Kevin has taught courses in licensure-preparation and continuing education courses many times throughout his career. He teaches both the first and second years of plumbing at Enzweiler.

Welding Program Instructor

Garrett Daniels

R&D Fabworks, LLC

Garrett is the owner and operator of R&D Fabworks. He has been welding virtually all of his life and holds many certifications in welding.

Director of Professional Development

Vicki Berling

Building Industry association of nky

Vicki Berling is Director of Professional Development at the Building Industry Association of NKY (BIA-NKY). She came to the BIA-NKY in fall 2018 after spending 20+ years working with adult and online programs in education, first at Thomas More College (now University), then at Northern Kentucky University and more recently at Sullivan University. Dr. Berling earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Western Kentucky University and a Master of Business Administration from Thomas More College. Her doctorate in higher education administration is from Indiana State University. If she’s not working, she’s likely at a Pure Barre class or golfing, albeit poorly. Ask about her grandchildren – please!

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