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“I spent six years in college with three different majors, but I don’t have a degree, I wasn’t a bad student, I just never found the right fit. But I didn’t want a job, I wanted a career I could be happy in for the next 20 to 30 years, so I talked to a ton of electricians and asked if they still liked their jobs. Almost all of them said yes, they still enjoyed their jobs and found the work interesting. One guy told me, when you install a light, then flip a switch and it works, that’s still really rewarding. It’s really an even playing field in school. The students seem to respect each other, no matter what their background is. Newbies need to understand how important safety on the job is. Some days, you might not even touch a wire. That doesn’t mean you aren’t valuable; it just means your supervisors have to put safety first. Pay close attention and ask a lot of questions because there’s a lot to learn about the practice of electric. That’s something I love about it.” 

Cody V.

kw mechanical

Sam H.

“I’ve known I wanted to pursue a career in electric ever since I completed the electric program at the Boone County Area Technology Center. Continuing my education at the Enzweiler Institute was the natural next step for me. The schedule allows me to work during the day and go to school in the evening. I like coming in after work and talking to other students about the challenges we all encountered during the day. The instructors are great because like us, they all work in electric so they can really relate to us. I also like the focus on learning the NEC Electric Code because I felt very confident about my ability pass the Kentucky Journeyman Exam on the first try. I’m a big fan of the Enzweiler Building Institute, and I recommend anyone interested in the skilled construction trades to take a good look at what Enzweiler has to offer.”

*Sam’s family now sponsors a full-tuition scholarship for incoming electric students.

Sam H.

prestige electric

“Fresh out of high school with a year of college credits, I was searching for that unknown – what am I going to do with my life? What is my career going to be? In my experience, college just seemed like a business organization, adding stress and inevitable debt. So I decided it wasn’t for me. Which is when I actually looked at the workforce and decided to investigate what the skilled trades actually were. In the end, I found that they were more encouraging, helpful, and worthwhile when it comes to dedicating my life to years of work. I chose HVAC (heating and air conditioning) because it was the one trade I knew nothing about. Not one speck of experience. I wanted to start from nothing and work up from scratch. So after landing my apprenticeship, I found the job to be interesting, engaging, as well as enjoyable.”

Axcel S.

national heating


“Within one short school year, I learned all the basics. I went from ‘zero’ to being certified in the basics of stick welding within a very short time. Rick is a really great teacher. He was able to give us very individualized instruction, and this allowed me to pass my company’s certification requirements and move into welding.”

Adam M.

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