About Enzweiler

About Enzweiler Building Institute

The BIA-NKY Enzweiler Building Institute is the longest running and one of the largest post-secondary apprenticeship training programs under the auspices of the National Association of Home Builders in the country. The Program began in 1967 and continues to provide a well-trained workforce for the local construction industry. Many of the Association’s successful businesses are owned and operated by graduates of the Program. Classes in CarpentryDiesel Mechanics, Electricity, Facilities Maintenance, Heating & Air Conditioning, Masonry, Plumbing, and Welding are taught by professional trades’ people each September through April. Students are in class two nights per week for three hours each night.

Enzweiler Building Institute is a registered apprenticeship program in Kentucky, recognized by the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration.

Enrollment for September 2020-21 classes is now complete. We will begin accepting applications for 2021-22 in early 2021. Check back often!

Carpentry Program

The carpentry curriculum is updated yearly to address the needs today’s construction employers. Students are trained in rough, finish, and specialty areas of the trade. The Carpentry Program is taught 100% hands. Yearly assignments may be completed in conjunction with local non-profit organizations to provide our students with actual time in the field to better hone their trade.

Electric Program

The Electric Program is approved by the State of Kentucky Office of Housing, Building, and Construction Electrical Section as a pre-approved licensing education program. Graduates of the four year program (576 hours) are able to test for their Electricians License after completing 8,000 hours (four years) of field work. The electric curriculum is designed to prepare students for the ICC Electricians exam for the State of Kentucky and to learn skills that set our students apart from other apprentices!

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is a one-year program providing a comprehensive exploration of the skills and trades needed to maintain facilities. The curriculum includes units in plumbing, electric, HVAC, appliance repair, carpentry, grounds maintenance, weatherization and welding. Throughout the program, students are taught the importance of safety and excellence in customer service.

Heating, Ventilation,
& Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The two-year HVAC Program is designed to prepare students to work as field technicians and installers. The curriculum is continually revised to satisfy today’s workforce needs, as well as to prepare students for the ICC Journeyman Technicians Exam. In addition to hand-on application, the program focuses on key components of theory necessary for the test. Students are trained on a variety of brands of furnace and air conditioning units. HVAC is the fastest growing trade in America!


The Welding Program introduces students to a variety of welding applications, including Stick, Tig and Mig, with an eye toward preparing them to apply for a Kentucky State Welding License. Students meet twice a week for this hands-on program, taught by a highly experienced welding professional.


This two-year curriculum works to prepare the candidate for testing at the state level. We are excited to see this very high demand trade as part of our curriculum! Courses blend some hands-on application with a focus on Kentucky Plumbing Code in a variety of scenarios both in and out of our facility.

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