Home Builders Association teams up with associates in North Carolina to expand trades training


Construction trade training

Construction trade training

The Home Builders Associations of Northern Kentucky and the Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties announce a new partnership to provide construction trades training opportunities in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

“Since 1967 we have operated the Enzweiler Building Institute in Northern Kentucky. In 2014 we launched a partnership with the Home Builders Association of Lexington to launch two courses in that market.

“This year, with our assistance, Lexington has launched two additional courses. Our trade school and our partners are a path to licensure and are focused on a hands-on environment that accelerates workers into their careers 1 to 2 years faster than without the schools. Many of our trades are growing far faster than other occupations and the need is immediate and long lasting. The average age of our trades is afar advanced compared with other professions. Between the immediate need and the long term need from retirees leaving the trades we believe our schools are solving a long term problem.

Brian Miller

Brian Miller

“While workers are aging so too are the managers and owners of construction trade companies. Our long term vision is to enter as many workers as possible and help them to gain entrepreneurship skills after graduating our schools so that they can move up quickly in their companies and possibly own their own someday. The day is not too far off where you will see company owners and managers in construction trades in their mid to late 20’s or early 30’s and we are helping to prepare them to enter those career paths. We are excited to see the success that this will have in North Carolina and are excited about some great news for our local trade school soon to come,” said Brian Miller, Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky.

The Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange & Chatham Counties are proud to announce their partnership with the Home Builders Associations of Northern Kentucky and Lexington to develop a Construction Careers Training Institute. “I am excited about this next step in the planning of our training institute. These two HBAs have the experience and history we need to launch our programs as efficiently and quickly as possible. This is a critical move for us, given the labor shortages we are experiencing in North Carolina,” said Holly Fraccaro, Chief Executive Officer of the North Carolina association.

Classes for the 2016-2017 Enzweiler Building Institute are open for enrollment now. Classes begin in September. For information call 859-331-9500, ask for Shawn Cox, Director of Professional Development, or visit online at www.homebuildersnky.com. The mission of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky is to promote and enhance the integrity and visibility of the construction industry and the members of the organization through advocacy, communication, education and political action.


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